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Hidden And A Secret To All But The Sheep - Warleigh Near Bath.
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Hidden And A Secret To All But The Sheep - Warleigh Near Bath.

02-02-2007 · Comments (20)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 400VC  

A weird sort of day all in all. No transport at my disposal today so had to walk both ways into Bath to catch the bus bringing my daily total to about 7 miles. It's odd how you get out of the habit, when the company was based in Bath I used to do it every day as well as some walking around at work. Most days walking 7 miles but occasionally as much as 10. Now we have relocated the car comes up for grabs from time to time....so being a lazy ass I take it so the odd day when it isn't around the two walks now knacker me.....I can really feel it in my hips. I'll give myself a year and I'll probably have to be shot. I do the love the walk in and out though if dry...which it is and so mild. The canal is so beautiful.....I get to listen to 45 minutes of music and enjoy the visual feast as it unfolds before me. I'm always amazed how many people make the canal their home and trundle up and down in their barges....constantly having to be on the move or incur the wrath of the water companies who limit how long they can stay in one place....well unless they want to pay a load of money for a permanent mooring. I love the smell of people burning wood in the early mornings and in the late afternoon.....the dampness of the air seems to make the smoke hang low across the water...wonderful.

Not to much to say about today's post. I discovered this little gem of a building out on a walk last week. Not sure what it's original use was but seemed to be being used for an animal shelter when I found it. It was in the most beautiful location right at the bottom of a severely steep grass hill which made it almost invisible and right by the river Avon. If it was mine I would have kitted it out with home comforts and disappeared down there to be alone. It also has a wonderful view across the valley to the American Museum and within your view a river, canal, railway and road. Perfect planning. Anyway, here's a little map for you so that you can visit as well if you wish and back there I have also included a link to the American Museum, a fascinating place.

Listening to: "Sadie" (The Milk-Eyed Mender) - Joanna Newsom

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