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Vice Admiral James Aylmer Paynter Aged 61 - Weston Cemetery Bath.
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Vice Admiral James Aylmer Paynter Aged 61 - Weston Cemetery Bath.

01-02-2007 · Comments (16)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 400  

It's got to be said I'm not much of a clothes type of guy, I'm always comfortable in blue and grey with the occasional foray into beige and brown but I do always feel a tad uncomfortable there I have to say. The problem today was I wore beige and brown yesterday and today I had an appointment to go to an employment agency....I was sure beige and brown looked a little more tidy but mentally was freaked out by wearing the same colour two days on the trot. I went with it but shouldn't have really, I felt most odd and strangely dirty even thought they were different clothes. The other thing is these bloody so called employment agencies are a waste of time, I sent my CV in ages ago, they call and ask me to go in for a "chat!" whereupon they ask me questions as if they have never seen my CV....obviously never read! Very negative meeting...waste of time, luckily she didn't mention the colour I was wearing or she might have got the sharp edge of my tongue. Not sure where this leaves me but I did get to look at photographic books in a shop so I feel the day was a success.

I have been meaning to get a Flickr account going for a while so finally managed to get that up and running which is cool....a few people have dropped by which is even nicer. I like the interface and the way it handles images, it won't ever replace this but I think it will work well along side. Must try and not make it to much hard work, hell I find this stressful enough!

The shot today was taken at a cemetery in the centre of Bath, just a few miles from my home across town. Here is a map showing you exactly where it was taken should you have an interest.

If the wild bird could speak
Shed tell of places you had been<br/> Shes been in my dreams
And she knows all the ways of the wind

Polly, come home again
Spread your wings to the wind
I felt much of the pain
As it begins

Dreams cover much time
Still they leave blind
The will to begin
I searched for you there
And now look for you from within

Listening to: "Polly" (The Fantastic Expedition Of Dillard & Clark) - Dillard & Clark

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