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Unable To Absorb Any More At West Sedge Moor, Somerset.
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Unable To Absorb Any More At West Sedge Moor, Somerset.

30-01-2007 · Comments (22)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 400  

Monday...joy of joys, the whole week stretching ahead, it's at time s like these I hate myself for wishing my life away, you know much like when you were a kid of 11 and all you wanted to be was 16 and wondered how the hell you would ever get through the next 5 years. The suddenly you are 49 and you wonder what the fuck happened. That was kind of how I felt today. The only saving grace today was that I had the office to myself so that was quite nice....work to do, got that done, now worries. Decided I needed lots of coffee today....the trouble is I have always had a strong bladder and so I constantly test myself, or is it just laziness? Not sure really, anyway today did the usual toilet run before work you know about 7.30 I can vaguely remember some desire to pee at about 11 but chose to ignore it suddenly it's 1.30 6 cups of strong black coffee to the good and I wonder why I can't concentrate. The trouble is I do it every day. One of these days I know I'll just explode...you really don't want to be a close friend on that day....still when you do go man is it sweet.

OK today's photo was taken at Sedge Moor on the Somerset Levels a vast area of very flat land close to sea level that is very prone to flooding. The whole area has great historical significance as being the hiding place of King Alfred, in particular the Isle of Athelney.

If you are interested in reading about it then click back there. It was very flooded on the day we were there and so beautiful, teeming with wild birds who over winter here in their millions probably...or perhaps I'm exaggerating a bit. As always If you are curious where Sedgemoor and the Somerset Levels are then here is a map to help you.

Listening to: "Eclipse" (O.K.) - Talvin Singh

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