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The Modified Landscape At Wick Quarry, Gloucestershire.
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The Modified Landscape At Wick Quarry, Gloucestershire.

29-01-2007 · Comments (22)
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How was your weekend chaps? Good I hope. I was hoping for some brightness for photographs but it didn't materialise. That's OK though, I figured I would do some of those chores that I hate so that when the sun is shining I am good to go, so Saturday I tackled the huge rambling Wisteria that covers the front of the house, it should have been pruned months ago....due to the mild weather I could see the buds beginning to form so I knew I needed to get on the job. So ladder out and up there sorting it.....looks great now. Sunday seemed to be even more grey than Saturday so no photos there either, still managed to do some Greek studies as I have been very lax in that area of late and after that watched Arsenal scrape a draw in the FA cup...still it wasn't a defeat. Now Monday is almost upon us, that's 2 weeks of employment left for me but on the plus side that means only 3 weeks until I get to piss off to Crete.

OK today's photo was taken at a quarry very close to where I work, I often wander up there and am always surprised how much the landscape has changed with each visit. It constantly amazes me how we blow the countryside to bits and yet at the same time a beauty remains and nature adapts and finds it's place. Anyway enough of that hippy rambling. If you are curious where Wick Quarry is in the scheme of things then here is a map to help you.

Listening to: "The Giant of Illinois" (Through the Trees) - The Handsome Family

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