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Built To Last And Left To Rust, Shockerwick Near Bath, Somerset.
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Built To Last And Left To Rust, Shockerwick Near Bath, Somerset.

26-01-2007 · Comments (13)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 400  

Don't you hate it when your body clock is shot away and you lose track of the time, it happened to me today at work and left me confused. I always take my lunch break very late in the day so that I return from lunch and then go home about 20 minutes later. So, I reached my lunch time...all went well, browsed the web, did a bit of blog visiting...sorted! 15 minutes until I leave...coat on call out to boss OK I'm off! She calls back telling me I still have an hour to go...it was like someone had sucked all the energy out of me...gutted! I'm fully recovered from the cold, well I call it a cold but it was a guy's cold really....basically nothing wrong with me, the sort of thing a woman would brush off like a bit of wind but us guys make a big deal out of....or is it just me? The attention is always good...makes you feel wanted right? Now I don't want any sort of guys revolt here OK...we all know what I mean. I think generally we do suffer more than women, after all they are equipped for child birth so pain comes second nature to them, us guys are quite sensitive souls...probably best I shut up right? I'll probably review and alter this in the morning out of embarrassment and fear of retribution!

OK today's photo was taken in a rather neglected farm complex about 20 minutes walk from my house. I did try and find someone to ask if I could have a poke around in the end I decided to go for it and watch my ass for dogs and the like. Managed to take 3 shots with a view to returning again. If you are interested in it's location then here is a link to a map.

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