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Develop, Demolish Or Protect? CWS Flour Mills, Avonmouth, Bristol
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Develop, Demolish Or Protect? CWS Flour Mills, Avonmouth, Bristol

24-01-2007 · Comments (19)
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Opted out of work today.....cold seems to have taken hold to the extent that even sitting in front of the TV felt terrible. In the end I opted for a long walk in the fresh air in an attempt to clear my head.....the right move it would appear, it cleared my head a treat even if it was only whilst I was walking. I usually suffer from very bad hay fever in the summer and over the years have found that the perfect antidote to the congestion, put on a pair of shorts and go running, within 5 minutes head clear, no sneezing, eyes stop running. Obviously the body movement jiggles something about!

Today's photo is another from the gloriously picturesque industrial suburb of Bristol Avonmouth. These buildings I think date from the early part of the 20th century when Avonmouth was a very active port. It's a shame that these buildings have been left to decay, I guess in any other location they would have been turned into expensive and desirable apartments but as these are overlooking a container port in one direction and industrial plant belching all sorts of noxious gasses into the atmosphere in the other, they are not best suited for bringing up kids and having a happy life....shame! Hopefully they will be protected rather than pulled down.

Anyway it's a great area for photographs but best to live a few miles away. So for the curious who are feeling drawn to Avonmouth here is a map to help you.

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