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From Sewer To Sea....One Long Pipe At Severn Beach, Gloucestershire.
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From Sewer To Sea....One Long Pipe At Severn Beach, Gloucestershire.

23-01-2007 · Comments (21)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 400VC  

Don't be fooled by the glorious blue sky in the photo. God knows you would know if we had sun for any period as I would be going on and on about it. Having said that, the weather has got colder and they have a promised a frost tonight which is wonderful so the prognosis for the morning is white grass and sun...how wonderful. It's a shame I have caught some bug from Jan...she suffered over the weekend and in a very unselfish way passed it on to me to enjoy. Monday always comes to soon but I did have a nice birthday weekend, managed to take a few photos, Richie called to wish me happy birthday and that would have been enough but even managed to get out for a few walks and to top it all I booked two weeks away in Crete and that is only two weeks away....can you sense my excitement? Surely you can.....checked the weather and it is in the 60's and warming...sweet! All I need is time, film and cameras....perhaps a little booze of an evening and coffee by morning.

Today's photo was taken at a place that my parents used to say was the seaside when I was a kid! It wasn't it was an estuary 9 parts mud! Sewer outlets all over the place and a swimming pool because I think that it was way to dangerous to swim even if you had the patience to wait for the tide. That place was Severn Beach. If you have an interest as to the geographical location of Severn Beach then here is a map.

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