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Strata Security's Three Levels Of Protection At Avonmouth, Bristol.
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Strata Security's Three Levels Of Protection At Avonmouth, Bristol.

18-01-2007 · Comments (18)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 400VC  

I'll tell you three day's without an alcoholic drink is driving me nuts. It's not the going without the booze that's doing it but I guess a bit like a smoker I am substituting it with other beverages but more of them and in larger quantities. So now I have no bloody time to do anything as I spend the best part of the evening in the bathroom peeing. I think I am beginning to sweat the smell of herbal tea...that can't be good for you right? I even had a call from the local wine shop tonight wanting to know if everything was OK as I hadn't been in....so considerate of them! Praise the lord...and I will on this one occasion but Jan isn't on a late shift tomorrow so I'll have a gin when I get home. I know I could have but I don't want to let myself down....it's pathetic really....it's 3 days! It's odd I'm not religious but when lent comes around I will be putting myself through something for 40 days....it started as support for Jan who always gives up chocolate and other stuff so I usually give up bread and gin for the 40 days....anyway....I'll mention that little baby when it comes around for sure. That's it I need bed, enough of this crap!

The shot today was taken in Avonmouth which is a large industrial suburb of Bristol. Not the sort of place you would want to live with the heavy level of emissions going on there. Here is a map showing you exactly where it was taken should you have an interest.

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