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The Sun Lights The Way To Butlins At Minehead, Somerset.
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The Sun Lights The Way To Butlins At Minehead, Somerset.

16-01-2007 · Comments (25)
Categories: Fuji 160S  Hasselblad SWC/M  

Monday and not a bad day, work was ok, I managed to get a lift both ways so things were really looking up. I had last week managed to source a lens hood for the SWC after one failed purchase on Ebay, that arrived today so I was almost at the point of smiling, not quite but a good day never the less.

Today's photo was from a recent visit to Minehead, a place that I hadn't been in many a year and a place that brought back memories of a holiday I had there at the Butlins Holiday Camp as a kid of 13. A friend of mine was going there with his parents and sister, her was allowed to ask along a friend as was his sister. Unbeknown to me he fancied his sisters friend and spent the whole holiday trying to get me to fancy her so that he could get some quality time with her friend. As I recall I wasn't into girls at the time and had no idea why he wanted me to be friends with his sister....I mean she was a girl! What did he want me to do with her...take her to play crazy golf or something! Anyway, it was a confusing holiday but I remember it with fondness.

So the shot today is taken right outside the main gates of the holiday camp, far more hi tech than when I was there in the early 70's. If you have an interest as to where the place is then here is a map.

Listening to: "The Bottle" (Blax Is Back) - Gil Scott-Heron

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