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When They Can't Build Out They Build Up in Avonmouth, Bristol.
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When They Can't Build Out They Build Up in Avonmouth, Bristol.

15-01-2007 · Comments (9)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 400  

A weekend of two halves! Saturday was a complete washout weather wise, it pissed down all day and was thoroughly depressing...however every cloud has a silver lining and Arsenal won in the evening so the day was bitter sweet. Would have loved to get out and about though. The weather for Sunday was set fair and it didn't disappoint...bright sunny morning which enabled me to get out whilst I had access to the car. I went to a local cemetery that I hadn't been to before and had a root around there, not enough time really but a few shots and reason to return again. In the afternoon went for a 8 mile walk with camera and took a few more...so all in all Philly is a happy bunny...well about as happy as Phil is likely to be given his predisposition for misery!

The shot today was taken in Avonmouth which is an industrial suburb of Bristol. Here is a map showing you exactly where it was taken should you have an interest. My favourite photo is from the same site as last night and the night before, I won't apologise for it as Peter Baker's Photographs are a joy to behold. Get yourself across there.

Listening to: "Come Back Baby" (The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death) - John Fahey

Favourite Photo

Butlins And 1973 Are But A Distant Memory. Minehead, Somerset.Strata Security's Three Levels Of Protection At Avonmouth, Bristol.All Equal In Death At Beckford's Tower Cemetery, Lansdown, Bath.The Sun Lights The Way To Butlins At Minehead, Somerset.When They CanEverybody Is Still Waiting For Winter In Marshfield, Gloucestershire.Dead And Buried But Forever Remembered At Beckford's Tower, Bath.Time And Tide Wait For No One At Minehead, Somerset.A Glimpse Of A Sunnier Future Ahead. Bannerdown, Bath.