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Dead And Buried But Forever Remembered At Beckford's Tower, Bath.
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Dead And Buried But Forever Remembered At Beckford's Tower, Bath.

12-01-2007 · Comments (14)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 400  

Well it's Thursday so one more day to go of this God damn awful week and you know what was goo about it, I have spent the whole week thinking it was on e day earlier than it was, God knows why but that cheered me up no end as I ended the day in Wednesday but suddenly it was Thursday.....what a result. It also stayed dry long enough today for me to walk home from work which was great, that hours walk is really good for clearing the head and developing an appetite. Not that I need that side of me enhancing any more! Hey another great reason to be out of work...more walks, perhaps even shift a bit of weight. Shit if I go on like this I'll end up cheerful, now that would never do would it!

OK today's photo is taken at the Victorian cemetery that adjoins Beckford's Tower. Completed in 1827 from a design by Henry Edmund Goodridge for William Beckford (1760-1844). For all the information on the tower just follow the link back there. If you are interested in it's location then here is a link to a map.

Listening to: "We Met By The Love-Lies-Bleeding" (A Place Where I Know) - Paula Frazer

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