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A Glimpse Of A Sunnier Future Ahead. Bannerdown, Bath.
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A Glimpse Of A Sunnier Future Ahead. Bannerdown, Bath.

10-01-2007 · Comments (11)
Categories: Fuji 160S  Hasselblad SWC/M  

A calmer day at work today thank the lord. Computers behaved themselves, I wasn't tempted to move files that didn't need moving. But god the weather continues to disappoint, I know us Brits bleat on and on about it....I guess that's the way it is! For me it really effects my mood and how I see other things. If the weather is bad then generally my outlook is bad...spoopid eh? I guess on the slippery slope to 49 I am hardly likely to change. I promise you I am quite a cheery soul in the flesh although Phil Morris has painted a rather different picture of me! In fact he has even posted rather different pictures of me...bless his heart. If you haven't been over to Phil's blog then go now...I have provided you with the link...say hi to me then bugger off over there and see some wonderful black and white Holga work.

For those of you with an interest here is a map where today's photo was taken. Within spitting distance of the house.

Listening to: "The Daily Growl" (Is A Woman) - Lambchop

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