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Tea, Coffee And Fudge On Hold Until Spring At Weston Super Mare.
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Tea, Coffee And Fudge On Hold Until Spring At Weston Super Mare.

09-01-2007 · Comments (19)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

I was all set for a major server rant this evening but I am to tired to go on. Perhaps I'll try for those of you who expect it of me. OK, remember server wars before Christmas? Well the issue wasn't really resolved....we have been managing without a server for that period pending new server...which arrived today. I was calm, professional computer type person doing all the work......end of day comes and all has gone well. Very close to Philly's going home time...IT guy says there you go Phil sorted I'm off. IT guy leaves, I'm already an hour late off but I'll just move that file as it's in the wrong place. NO PHIL DON'T DO IT! But I did, completely cocked up client database, 2 hours later eventually sorted it out, now 3 hours late. When will I ever learn to leave things alone when they are working. Good lord....it was only the love of my life able to make it good for me.....what's her name I hear you shout....I just call her Gin and Tonic....she always comes up with the goods! Probably best I end there before I dig myself in way to deep!

Listening to: "Deep Red Bells" (Blacklisted) - Neko Case

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