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Every Conceivable Convenience Thought Of.  Ashley, Near Bath, Somerset
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Every Conceivable Convenience Thought Of. Ashley, Near Bath, Somerset

06-01-2007 · Comments (21)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 400  

So we had a nice short week this week which is good as I need to be eased into the New Year with care! The concerns over my employment situation are still there but I am cool with it. A combination of your support and some off of the wall positive thought by me...which does feel very odd and I am sure it will bite me in the ass at some stage...and some suggestions from friends have made the whole process verging on enjoyable. One thing you can be sure of, whatever happens it will be vented here first.

So I've had a few drinks, watched a bit of trash TV which kind of smothered me like a warm blanket, had a few more drinks. Stayed up way to late watching more TV, was on the verge of bed and realised I hadn't posted which is why I am here at 1.30am. The weather is set crap for the weekend but if there is a window of dryness I will try and take some pictures. Also, tomorrow Arsenal play Liverpool in the FA Cup, I have no idea what round of the competition it is but it is very important...to me...that Arsenal win. We shall see. Now bed as I am knackered.

Listening to: "Unfinished Sympathy (Nellee Hooper 12" Mix)" (Singles 90-98) - Massive Attack

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