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Waiting To Be Consumed By Nature In Bathford, Somerset.
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Waiting To Be Consumed By Nature In Bathford, Somerset.

02-01-2007 · Comments (23)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

A weird day today for sure! Weather was good when I woke up...wall to wall sunshine in fact! The forecast was sunshine and showers so we made that big dash to the south coast. What a mistake, had a great drive down there all 2 hours of it! Got within about 20 miles and the cloud got thicker and thicker, by the time we arrived at 1pm it was almost dark the wind was blowing like a big windy thing. I went through the motions as part of my new optimistic slant on life...ha! It's day one and I'm pissed off with that already! Still I prepared my camera and ventured out....down came the rain....in stair rods! Did it stop? Did it hell. Still, I then drove one and a half hours to my mother in laws in the rain......cup of tea and then another hour and a half home. Such a spiffing day 5 hours driving for one frame of black and white! I'll tell you that frame had better be sweet! I am holding back on the bitterness as it is so early in the year but can you feel me cracking already...can you?

Listening to: "Naked As We Came" (Our Endless Numbered Days) - Iron & Wine

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