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Plentiful Stocks Yet Private Fishing At Shockerwick, Bath.
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Plentiful Stocks Yet Private Fishing At Shockerwick, Bath.

01-01-2007 · Comments (18)
Categories: Hasselblad SWC/M  Kodak Portra 400  

Happy New Year everyone. This blog is about 11 months in but this seems the perfect time to thank all of you that drop by every day and look and or comment on my images. When I started this last year I had no idea the impact it or you would have on my life and the way in which I view it, for that I can only thank you. Your names are too numerous to mention. The fact that you can even be bothered to say hi moves me, your own images constantly inspire me, the contact I have received beyond the blog also. Thank you every last one of you. I'll end this by hoping you are about to have or have had a spanking good New Year, may 2007 be the answer to all your dreams whatever they are and most important of all I hope that you all continue to be motivated to take photographs. They're not my words but I'll steal them for this 'use film, it's the law!'

If I have anything else to say I'll add it when I get up....or remove stuff if I have made an ass of myself. Oh and I know it's not the year of the cat...even I'm not that pissed! Just one of my favourite songs.

Listening to: "Year Of The Cat" (Year Of The Cat) - Al Stewart

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