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Ride Tokens Buy Rides On The Grand Pier, Weston Super Mare, Somerset.
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Ride Tokens Buy Rides On The Grand Pier, Weston Super Mare, Somerset.

30-12-2006 · Comments (18)
Categories: Diana  Fuji NPZ 800  

Well holy shit...we get one day of sun in a sea of cloud and general greyness then today it pisses down all day and I mean all day. The wind has blown and the rain has fallen. It is on days such as this I realise why I hate this country, of course when the sun shines and all is well I realise why I love the place as well.....God I am so confused. Answers on a postcard please to me, address on request via email.

On a positive note, we had friends around for supper The lovely lovely Ken and Laura, I know you don't know them but if I utter their names I love them even more. For the first time they brought their beautiful daughters Ella and Tara, what a joy they were to have around...need to stop there or I'm in danger of saying I love kids! No worries I have washed my mouth out with neat gin! They are enough to convert me to kids though.

Whenever we hold each other
We hold each other
There's a feeling that's gone
Something has gone wrong
And I don't know how much longer I can take it
House made of heart break it
Take my head in your hands and shake it
In this near wild heaven
Not near enough

Listening to: "Near Wild Heaven" (Out Of Time) - R.E.M.

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