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General Synopsis, Sun With The Chance Of A Shower! Kalamafka, Crete.
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General Synopsis, Sun With The Chance Of A Shower! Kalamafka, Crete.

20-12-2006 · Comments (19)
Categories: Crete  Fuji Pro 400H  Holga  

OK, I'm in full swing now. Christmas is here, I have been listening to streaming radio on the web today. Managed to locate a Christmas music channel, wall to wall Christmas songs from the 1930's to now. I'm sure it has been driving my boss nuts. I was kinda ready for a break by the time I left work but it will be more of the same tomorrow for sure, and for the rest of the week. I have even managed to sort my shopping day out...Thursday is the big push, I will be there bright and early....I trying to make it sound like I have a lot to do...I'm only shopping for one, the rest has been done for me!

I had an evening out sprung on me tonight, which was very nice. Good food and good wine with good friends, that's what it's all about right? I apparently knew about the date...yeah right, that kind of implies that I don't listen!

OK guys Holga shots are at the Photomedia Centre 2006 Holga Show. Get over there NOW! You have no excuse...it's all Holga and they're all great. Once you've been you'll want to return for sure. Who knows if you don't already have a Holga you might want one....I mean it's coffee money!

Listening to: "(Everybody's Waiting' For)The Man In The Bag" (Ultra-Lounge: Christmas Cocktails) - Kay Starr

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