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Winter Entertainment For Children And Adults Alike. Brean, Somerset.
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Winter Entertainment For Children And Adults Alike. Brean, Somerset.

19-12-2006 · Comments (11)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

Ah Monday...sweet Monday! I could be very negative but hey....it's Christmas, this week is always manic to the extreme with people screaming for their stuff right up to the last day. But it is only this week then some time to relax, kick back and enjoy a few days doing my own thing. The server issue at work isn't fixed yet but we are functioning and to be honest that's all that matters at the moment. My one worry is that since we relocated away from the city centre I don't have easy access to the shops...now normally that's a good thing as it prevents me spending money on cd's, but this week it's bad. I need to buy presents so I think I need to take a day off of work to do the deed. I procrastinate with life in general but with presents I'm good.....I'm there in the ladies clothes shops no worries, asking the assistants to try it on for me to see.....1 day is all I need...the boss knows I need it so it will happen!

More camera goodies arrived today which is always good. Nothing that exciting but a new strap for one and a viewfinder for another. I'm a simple soul and I must say always get excited with new stuff no matter how small!

OK guys Holga shots are at the Photomedia Centre 2006 Holga Show. Get over there NOW! You have no excuse...it's all Holga and they're all great. Once you've been you'll want to return for sure. Oh, I'm there so even more reason to go.

Listening to: "I'd Like You For Christmas" (Ultra-Lounge: Christmas Cocktails, Part One) - Julie London

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