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Close To Collapse At Rookwoods Near Bisley, Gloucestershire.
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Close To Collapse At Rookwoods Near Bisley, Gloucestershire.

18-12-2006 · Comments (14)
Categories: Fuji Provia 100  Hasselblad SWC/M  

Hell the weather guys really got it right here this weekend! The sun shone and shone! I managed to get out for a short walk on Saturday which was good......I badly needed a haircut that I had delayed for the past 3 weeks. The trouble is it was almost long enough for me to brush and have to keep tidy so I needed it short. I need hair that needs little or no attention. So that sorted today was great, somehow I managed to haul my lazy ass out of bed and go take a few photos. God it was great to be out in the fresh air.

Today's photo...well it was from my wanders with Phil last Saturday. We came across this rather sweet and slightly derelict farm. The sort of place that almost gets me as excited as....well we'll leave it there! Needless to say it was very attractive. There was no signs of life so I knocked on the farm door to ask if we could poke around no reply but we were greeted by a rather elderly farmer in his Landrover. You know how sometimes you start conversations that you just knew you shouldn't have....well mine with the farmer was a bit like that. All I asked was if it was OK to photograph the outbuildings of his farm....he just didn't get it. He couldn't see why we wanted to photograph the place he stored all of his rubbish....then he asked me if we wanted to photograph it so that we could return and steal all his stuff! And so it went on...then he asked if we wanted to photograph it from the bloody road! I said hell no...if I was going to do it from there I wouldn't have asked you. I swear it was the most surreal of conversations...I think Phil was shooting from the hip whilst I was talking. Anyway we left shaking our heads and no doubt we were the subject of his conversation at the pub that night....Oh! the photo....this was from the road, bless him!

OK guys Holga shots are at the Photomedia Centre 2006 Holga Show. Get over there and check out all the cool photographs. I'm there but more importantly talented photographers are there! You won't be disappointed so get to it and join in the fun.

Listening to: "The Daily Growl" (Is A Woman) - Lambchop

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