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Seaside Holiday Homes And No Sea In Sight. Brean Sands, Somerset.
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Seaside Holiday Homes And No Sea In Sight. Brean Sands, Somerset.

12-12-2006 · Comments (21)
Categories: Fuji Pro 400H  Hasselblad 500CM  

Hallelujah! The bloody computer is fixed we have internet....access to the server everything. I would love to say that I fixed it but alas not. I'm sure that it's fixing was lots to do with me though! At least now normal service can be resumed, this stuff is so time consuming when you don't have quite enough knowledge! To know nothing would have been perfect...it's broken so get in the computer repair guy but to kind of understand what's wrong but not quite enough to sort it is the most frustrating situation. Days seem to pass by with nothing being achieved other than me sitting and staring...adding to my ever increasing migraine and caffeine shakes. Actually I quite enjoyed the coffee shakes....so much cheaper than alcohol.

For those of you interested in my Saturday wanders get yourselves over to the Phil Morris Photoblog where you can enjoy the piss being taken out of my sometimes miserable mood! Personally I don't know what he is on about. Go back one day as well for the start of his rant! I am sure that there is more to follow...bless him. Whilst you are there you could do far worst than check out his photos, he a pretty damn cool photographer as well.....yes as well as a sharp tongue!

OK guys one of my Holga shots has made the Photomedia Centre 2006 Holga Show. Get over there and check out all the other cool photographs, you know it's the law!

Listening to: "Christmas With Jesus" (Under Cold Blue Stars) - Josh Rouse

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