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Winter Sun Warming Winter Crops at Bannerdown Near Bath.
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Winter Sun Warming Winter Crops at Bannerdown Near Bath.

04-12-2006 · Comments (23)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

A slightly messy weekend albeit enjoyable. Unfortunately I never made it to the sea on Saturday, dragged my heels somewhat so had to be content with a drive in the country to visit a couple of nice market towns.....nice cup of coffee, a few purchases and a couple of photos....so pretty good. Sunday really messed with me. The sun shone all morning whilst I gazed out and contemplated going out. Due to lack off transport I was forced to walk to destination upon which it pissed down and proceeded to spoil my afternoon....not the words I used at the time but bugger! Never mind.....there is always next week he said pretending not to care!

Well the joys of Monday are all but with us but that's fine as we need to get through it to get beyond it...so here's to a positive Monday, all I need to do now is believe my own hype!

Listening to: "I Against I" (DJ Kicks - Daddy G) - Mos Def And Massive Attack

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