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Hidden From The Sun By Fake Flowers In Adrianos (Αδριανός, Κρήτη) Crete
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Hidden From The Sun By Fake Flowers In Adrianos (Αδριανός, Κρήτη) Crete

01-12-2006 · Comments (24)
Categories: Crete  Nikon F4  Provia 100  

Well it's official, Christmas is here, well it is in Bath where I live. Every year we have a Christmas market in the city centre in the church yard of Bath Abbey. It lasts 10 days and all of the local businesses hire sheds to sell their wares.....food and drink are also on offer. All very festive but hugely dependant on the weather! I was happy for them tonight as it stayed dry and there was a winter chill in the air, so you could kind of kid yourself that Christmas was just around the corner...but there's three weeks and I ain't shopping yet! Still it was an excuse to go to the pub for a swift pint and in my opinion there is no better place to go in Bath than The Old Green Tree.

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