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29-01-2006 · Comments (4)

Well here she is the love of my life. Not as she is now but I knew to get her to agree to a current photo would take for ever (this is a photo of a photo as no scanner!).

So I have this photo that I love, taken long before I knew her, 1976 in Jersey so I am told. When ever I look at the photograph I feel cheated that I never knew her when she was like this, such a huge part of her life I can never be part of. I hate that part of me, I want to have always known her to have always loved her....perhaps the latter is true in some perverse way. Does any of that make sense, or do I sound like a nutter?

Now, she is more beautiful than ever but in this one I love that innocence. Who knows, one of these days I may get a current photo up here.

Every night she comes, to take me out to dreamland. When I'm with her, I'm the richest man in the town. She's a rose, she's the pearl, She's the spin on my world. All the stars make their wishes on her eyes. She's my Coney Island Baby, She's my Coney Island Girl. She's a princess in a red dress, She's the moon in the mist to me, She's my Coney Island Baby, She's my Coney Island Girl

Listening to: Coney Island Baby (Blood Money) - Tom Waits

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