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Fudge, Sweets, Toys + Novelties Always A Quick Way to Better Health!
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Fudge, Sweets, Toys + Novelties Always A Quick Way to Better Health!

27-11-2006 · Comments (21)
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Well my pretty's how was your weekend? Did the sun shine for any of you? It must have done....you see how us British are obsessed with the weather! I probably mention it in every post which is fine by me.....it kind of rule my life or at least my mood and it seems to have been that way for a long time! If it shines I smile and if it's grey I'm a miserable bastard....just ask anyone that knows me. So Saturday was grey but ok, I knuckled down to some Greek which helped in the feel good stakes. Sunday was much better, the sun shone pretty much all day so I took myself to the seaside for some sun, sand and the hope of finding whatever it was I was looking for. Whether that was a success I guess only my future posts will reveal...it was nice anyway.

This evening I was lucky enough to be invited to some friends for food which was was wonderful....great food...great company and always good wine. What more can one ask for in life, simple but essential pleasures. So a big thank you goes out to Ken and Laura for their friendship oh and lets not forget their beautiful daughters Ella and Tara, they always make me smile and feel good....that's a good thing right?

The photo...another from the sea front at Weston Super Mare. One of the desperate shops that have remained open in the hope someone still needs fudge, sweets, toys and novelties even in the winter.....ha! In the background you can see one of the many convalescent homes that seem to inhabit the the British seaside. In years gone by they did seem to be there for people getting well to inhabit but these days they just seem to house elderly people who seem to be less about getting well rather than just biding their time!

Listening to: "Blue" (Essence) - Lucinda Williams

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