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While Away The Long Winter With Arcade Fun In Weston-Super-Mare.
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While Away The Long Winter With Arcade Fun In Weston-Super-Mare.

24-11-2006 · Comments (21)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

This shot is from one of my recent winter visits to Weston-Super-Mare. Located on the Severn Estuary which I think has the second highest tide in the world...might be wrong there! It's biggest problem seems to have always been the lack of water to swim in! When the tide is out..it is out of sight! So as a kid growing up Weston was always seen as the poor man's beach option. It does have a vast expanse of beautiful sand but rarely water unfortunately, as a consequence it has always had that slightly down at heel sad feel to it. I love that but kinda feel sorry for Weston as it deserves better. You can see it's geographical location here. This down at heel feel really seems to be amplified once the tourists leave, businesses seem desperate to prolong the season just as long as they can. The amusement arcades seem to take on a sinister air as the fun loving tourists who are here just to waste a bit of holiday money are replaced by people to whom winning seems everything. Frantically feeding 2 or 3 slot machines at the same time and having the look of people who would be better off spending that money on clothes, food or even their kids! Then there are the people who have no money who stand and stare at the flashing lights as if they have been possessed by some spirit. Or perhaps a hamster on a wheel with no clue how to get off. Fascinating for the strong willed onlooker.

Sorry seem to rambled on there....I love those places but at the same time feel somewhat guilty for it.

Listening to: "Crystal Frontier" (Scraping [Live]) - Calexico

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