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Distraction Leads To A Lifetime Of Regret in Vrises (Βρύσες, Κρήτη) Crete
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Distraction Leads To A Lifetime Of Regret in Vrises (Βρύσες, Κρήτη) Crete

23-11-2006 · Comments (17)
Categories: Crete  Fuji Pro 400H  Holga  

A nothing kind of day really, lonely and fairly unproductive. The company I work for has relocated over the past 6 months from a city centre location to a unit on a farm in the middle of nowhere. I used to have two co-workers but they were made redundant so now it is just me and the boss....fun I hear you all shout! So, here we are it's the winter....day off for her....cloud, rain, doors and windows closed......I've removed all sharp objects from the building...just in case it gets the better of me!

On a plus note....as I know there are critics of my miserable nature at times!....I had a good day with the Greek studies today....I had a happy time editing a few photos. I had one selected for inclusion into Photomedia Centre Holga Show which is cool...see how happy I am!

Why does my mind blow to bits every time they play that song?
It's just the way that he sings,
not the words that he says, or the band.
I'm in love with this soul, it's a meaning that I understand.

Listening to: "The Way That He Sings" (At Dawn) - My Morning Jacket

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