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A Not So Convenient Convenience At Bannerdown Near Bath.
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A Not So Convenient Convenience At Bannerdown Near Bath.

21-11-2006 · Comments (18)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

Monday done and dusted...always a relief! The weather was mildly better than they promised which was cool...not that I was going anywhere but it was nice to gaze out on when the sun was shining. I'm not back on track but I have at least got my ass in gear with my Greek studies...small steps and all that...kinda puts me in a different place mentally which is always nice! I was pleasantly surprised how much I remembered which was also a great feeling. Good to know that a stack of those words are trapped in there now perhaps for ever......one of these days it will all fall in place. My only worry is at the point I am ready to speak properly I'll be at that stage in my life where I'll probably be dribbling in the corner and have no-one to say it to. On the bright side I'll be able to lead them a merry dance with it in whatever home I am in at the time...happy soul aren't I! And I put on a bright face for all you guys. :)

Listening to: "Decades" (Closer) - Joy Division

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