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A Grand Day Out Was Had By All On The Grand Pier At Weston-Super-Mare
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A Grand Day Out Was Had By All On The Grand Pier At Weston-Super-Mare

19-11-2006 · Comments (12)
Categories: Diana  Fuji NPZ 800  

Ah the weekend is all but over and quite a nice one it was...the weather was kind....I got a few things done, not as many as I planned but in an attempt to be positive I got a few done. I even managed to take in a trip to the seaside this afternoon....which was great, a bracing wind and little sun but then even in season that is what the British seaside is about. The beauty is in winter is that you get more of the same without the crowds. Still the smell of fish and chips hanging in the air and the amusement that is the amusement arcades. People spending a fortune on the chance of winning a soft toy they could have bought at a tenth of the price elsewhere.....of course the sad thing is that these are the people who look as if they can least afford it and have probably raided the rent or the kids savings to do it. Ah the British seaside in winter!

On a slightly pissed off note....managed to finish the first film in the Hasselblad today only to find as I took it out I had somehow managed to put it in the wrong way or at least managed to set it to wind the wrong way.....complete balls up. Probably best for my self respect if I hadn't mentioned it here but what the hell, the film was free and I don't think that there were any ground breaking photos on the roll. Anyway consulted manual and see what I did wrong, god knows how but I did....ah film!

Listening to: "Strictly Social" (Planet V (Compilation)) - Roni Size

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