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I Said Kritsa?(Κριτσά) Or Tapes?(Τάπες) They Turned And Laughed
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I Said Kritsa?(Κριτσά) Or Tapes?(Τάπες) They Turned And Laughed

18-11-2006 · Comments (17)
Categories: Crete  Fuji Pro 400H  Holga  

Well, as I post, those of you that have made the pilgrimage to Lexington, Kentucky and that which is toy polloy should be having a swell time by now. Hanging out with all those arty types...drinking cocktails and stuff, you get the picture. I hope that it is going well and that all the plans have gone smoothly.

It seems to have been a long week this week. The weather really hasn't helped to much, really dragging my mood down...like it needed any help from the weather....shit, I'm a miserable SOB for the best part so a week of cloud and rain really puts a spanner in the works. Still the weekend is here and I am hopeful for some bright spells to get out and test a few cameras that I really haven't been using enough. That's the plan....I guess only Monday will reveal what degree of success I have had. The other thing I MUST do is resume my Greek studies. God my Greek teacher in Crete will be after me, back 1 month and I have done nothing....I feel awful and need to address it over the weekend!

So enjoy the beautiful light that we have now...if the sun shines. Takes photos...use film.

Listening to: "Jaxx" (Colours) - Adam F

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