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High And Dry, Not A Field For Miles. Kalamafka (Καλαμάυκα) Crete.
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High And Dry, Not A Field For Miles. Kalamafka (Καλαμάυκα) Crete.

08-11-2006 · Comments (26)
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It's funny, I don't live in the states and so didn't ought to be concerned about these elections but I am...perhaps concerned is the wrong phrase. I'm not a political animal, in fact I rarely vote in the UK....working along the lines that they are all lying scheming bastards....personal views of course! But I really want Bush to be hurt in this election...now hurting him and him realizing he's hurt are two different matters but lets start with one and hope for the other eh?

So it's over now....did you do it? Did ya?

Hey guys, don't forget to check out toy polloy it's going to be a blast. I also have it on good authority that the coolest of people will be there. If you are into plastic and can be there....then be there! November 17th in Lexington, Kentucky.

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