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Red Barn Marshfield Gloucestershire.
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Red Barn Marshfield Gloucestershire.

15-10-2006 · Comments (25)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

Well guys it's good to be back for sure. For those of you that are interested the exhibition went well in Crete I now feel as if I need a holiday. I would never have guessed that sitting still in a gallery for a week could be so exhausting, I have now vowed never to be a shop keeper. Anyway for those of you more interested I'm sure we will talk about it via email.

For those of you that continued to visit the blog to view the automated posts whilst I was away a very big thank you......it would be easy not to post whilst away but your visits really make it worth while. I will get around to all your emails and blogs over the coming days I promise, it is one of the joys of returning the fact that there are so many cool shots to catch up on.

Enough for now....I am late as ever posting and in danger or going on as usual!

Listening to: "Xmas 1997" (Hole Of Burning Alms)- Papa M

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