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Curious At Shockerwick, Bath
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Curious At Shockerwick, Bath

20-09-2006 · Comments (11)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

Well......just one day at work before 3 weeks away...fantastic. I did have a bit of a last minute panic as it was pointed out to me that there was a little repetition in the photos for the exhibition. It needed to be done really as I was aware of it but just couldn't be assed to sort any more out. Of course as soon as I received the email I knew I needed to sort it out...thanks Mike for that, I know in the long run your advice is good, so another 6 to print tomorrow!

Thank you all for your kind words today regarding the exhibition. I appreciate them all very much. I must say at the moment I am sick to death of every photo.....I am still conviced something will go wrong! Until I am stood there with a glass of wine in my hand and the pictures on the wall I will be slightly nervous!

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