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The Staff Of Life At Wick, Bristol.
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The Staff Of Life At Wick, Bristol.

17-09-2006 · Comments (27)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

I did touch last night through a haze of alcohol regarding my inclusion on the photoblogs hall of fame. I must say I was touched so much. How these decisions are come by only Brandon knows so I guess all we can do as photobloggers is accept it in the spirit in which I assume it is given. Of course I am the first to accept that none of these things would happen without traffic, without wonderfully kind people that visit and comment not just on my blog but on all of them. Without you none of this would serve any purpose in my eyes....without you we would be just posting for ourselves. My thanks are just words but they are from the heart, those of you who visit me know that I reply to you all, not for brownie points but because I care. Thank you all I have made some wonderful friends here...to wake up and find one comment makes it all worth while. OK I have been drinking a little but hey I always check I haven't made an ass of myself in the morning.

I wish you all a beautiful weekend.

Listening to: "Coney Island Baby" (Blood Money)- Tom Waits

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