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The Nations Secret At Farleigh Mines
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The Nations Secret At Farleigh Mines

15-09-2006 · Comments (21)
Categories: Diana  Fuji Provia 100  

Grey, miserable....that sums up the day. I started by walking to work, the rain had stoppped I stupidly resisted the need for an umbrella.....10 minutes into an hours walk the bloody stuff started to fall...sods law eh? Partially my own fault.....still I got the walk, so a bad cold and possible death is a small price to py for your health eh? Feeling slightly virtuous...not just the walk but stayed late and did some printing. I thought I would re-fill some of the inks...ha! Bad move, we have two printers at work....I thought that the inks were OK in both printers...bad move, it would appear that the yellow isn't....need to break the news to my boss tomorrow! I carried on printing and all seems well......perhaps it was all hype!

If you want to know more about the history of Farleigh Mines then click here!

I had another film back from the Diana today, I must say I am disappointed with the results...the Holga never fails to please but the Diana.......very odd....I will persevere, I guess that's all I can do.

Listening to: "Death Is The Easy Way" (At Dawn)- My Morning Jacket

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