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Disused At Solsbury Hill, Bath.
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Disused At Solsbury Hill, Bath.

13-09-2006 · Comments (22)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

So the dentist is done for another year! God how stressful is that, I don't think I have had any treatment for about 10 years but I must shed about 2 stone just thinking about it. Of course there is the relief of needing no work but then she says that she will remove all signs of red wine and coffee from my teeth...with a polish and a scrape....shit, I might as well have had root canal work....I guess it's getting old, the gums receed exposing all of those juicy nerves...she gets to sit there like nothing is wrong...nuff said.....so I got home and smeared my teeth with suger just for the hell of it!

Listening to: "Solsbury Hill" (Peter Gabriel)- Peter Gabriel

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