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Oak and Clouds at Greenway Farm, Wick, Bristol.
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Oak and Clouds at Greenway Farm, Wick, Bristol.

08-09-2006 · Comments (21)
Categories: Diana  Fuji NPZ 800  

Well the films I was expecting got delivered to another premises this morning and I spent the whole day trying to retreive them! I eventually managed to get them back just before it was time to leave.....there were a few frames I thnk I can do something with. It was the first film back from the Diana and only about the third from the Holga so I am learning all the time. I have to try and remember what odd things those plastic lenses are going to do given their predicable inconsistencies. I think that's what I am loving about it.....you can kinda predict to a point but you never know! I might take one of them to Crete with me in a few weeks to see how the Cretan experience is through plastic.

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