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The Final Collection At Bannerdown, Bath
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The Final Collection At Bannerdown, Bath

07-09-2006 · Comments (29)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

Now once Wednesday is over that's almost the weekend right? I'm not one who usually wishes my time away, I seemed to spend all of my youth doing it so perhaps that's why I reached the age I am so quickly! I have been kind of excited about tomorrow for a few days as I get the first film back from the Diana I bought on Ebay a while ago. Now this is probably a bad thing as I may get to find out that I bought a heap of crap....god I hope not! Anyway, one way or another I get to find out tomorrow, unless the lab cock up and delay it by a few more days. Then it will be thursday so that really is the weekend as Friday's don't count.

Listening to: "Plastic Fantastic Lover" (Surrealistic Pillow)- Jefferson Airplane

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