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It's Only A  Matter Of Time At Wick Quarry!
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It's Only A Matter Of Time At Wick Quarry!

05-09-2006 · Comments (31)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

Sorry about the break in transmission yesterday guys! No real excuse other than I had really run out of time.....I was frantically trying to reply to emails, the thought of early Monday start was looming and I hadn't even prepared anything so in the end I thought I would have to leave it. I do hate it when I do that as it shows a lack of organisation and stuff....don't worry I took myself out back and thrashed myself to within an inch of my life for it.....I sure as hell won't be doing that again!

So tonight I feel quite virtuous as I have done a stack of Photoshop stuff that is long overdue for an on going project and managed to sort this one out for tonight, I hope that you like it. I am on a bit of a Holga vibe at the moment...the lab really needs to speed up for me, let me know if it's pissing any of you off, I do occasionally take requests. I've had a few glasses of wine and still feel able to string a sentence together. Of course non of this has prevented me from talking about nothing!

Listening to: "Cody" (Come On Die Young)- Mogwai

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