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What Are They All Scared Of In Bathford?
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What Are They All Scared Of In Bathford?

02-09-2006 · Comments (28)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

Well the secret wedding was so beautiful today. I was so made up to be asked to be a witness and it was wonderful to see two people so happy. So nice to see that it's not the domain of the young! So after the service we went for some posh coffee and cakes at a posh hotel, very civilised! The pampered life is a very nice one even if it does only last an hour.

The weather is not good for tomorrow so I'm not expecting to get much done outside...as for inside, I have a mountain of images to photoshop that I have been putting off for an age....a stack of Greek studies to attend to, only 3 weeks until I get back out there and I have so much to do...if I arrive to see my tutor having not done it she will have my guts for garters! So I guess in many ways the rain might focus the mind. Of course Jan may have different plans for me!

OK, I need bed or the drink will start to talk...not good on a Friday night. I hope that the sun shines for some of you and that you are able to do whatever makes you happy.

For those of you who are new to the plastic camera thingie take a look at the featured site today.....there are some great images there taken with a variety of cameras....as for those who are already using them...sorry you know about it!

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