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MG Discovered In Kingsdown Near Bath.
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MG Discovered In Kingsdown Near Bath.

01-09-2006 · Comments (32)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

Slightly outside my bubble tonight. Discovered this beauty last week on a late afternoon walk. Where it was parked or should I say abandoned it was completely surrounded by trees and under normal circumstances it wouldn't have been possible to photograph. Just at the time we were walking by there was a shaft of late afternoon sunlight on it. I only had the Holga so had to do what I could.....not much! I think in my mind it captures the essence of what I saw.

I am a witness tomorrow at the wedding of a dear friend...result she has told me I can wear shots.....and in fact she has actively encouraged it, which is just as well as from the end of March to the end of October I am a short guy....no exceptions! It will be beautiful, they aren't young and I am one of two witnesses, not even her kids know.....I am so happy for them, she deserves so much happiness.

Listening to: "Songs For A Blue Guitar" (Songs For A Blue Guitar)- Red House Painters

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