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Preparations At Bannerdown Near Bath, Somerset.
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Preparations At Bannerdown Near Bath, Somerset.

20-08-2006 · Comments (25)
Categories: Fuji NPZ 800  Holga  

Well I have been confined to the house today...the rain has arrived and it seems as if we have had thundery showers all day....well that's my excuse for sitting at the computer all day catching up on stuff. Must get out and take some photos tomorrow. Jannie will be home so it will be nice to go out with her. I know I mentioned the Big Brother thing yesterday but it's so odd you watch something for like 90 days....I still feel uncomfortable saying that!.....and it's like it never happened....just goes we sit there watching pretty shapes dancing around in our face on that magic box in the corner and for the mosty part it means nothing. I must get out more...god I must.

Listening to: "She Made Me Lose My Blues" (Woodsmoke And Oranges)- Paul Siebel

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