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Waiting For The Harvest At Bannerdown Bath
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Waiting For The Harvest At Bannerdown Bath

10-08-2006 · Comments (19)
Category: Nikon Coolpix 7900  

Well the babies arrived today.....the cameras that is, I don't want to be having no real babies, god I can barely care for myself. If fact Jan would swear that I am incapeable of it. That's why I get in such a state late at night if she's at work! I know I would have been sectioned years ago if it were not for her.

I'm loathed to admit this in open forum as it were but I'm sure that I'm not the first to balls up the Holga on first attempt setting the exposures for 16 when I meant 12 as I was shooting square and then wondered why I had managed to get to 13! Hell I've sent it off for process anyway but I just couldn't believe that I had made such a fundamental mistake, it's not like it was midnight and the wine had kicked in. I knew there would be problems having always shot 35mm, on the plus side the film is expired and free so who cares. All I need to do now is get out again in the morning and re-shot without the balls up!

As you can see tonight isn't Crete....I feel something of a traitor but I thought a little foray with Jan's digital might be fun.

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