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Hung Out To Dry in Tourloti (Τουρλωτή, Κρήτη) Crete
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Hung Out To Dry in Tourloti (Τουρλωτή, Κρήτη) Crete

22-06-2006 · Comments (14)
Categories: Crete  Nikon F4  Provia 100  

Well what can I say guys...an uneventful day at work. A greek lesson tonight which I always find stressful......I never worry over in Crete but the thought of trying to communicate with a teacher never ceases to cause me intense pain!

I gotta say my heart isn't in the text here!.....I have just finished typing some guff for you to read....terrible as it might be it took me ages and there was rather a lot of it! I clicked to upload it and it all bloody disappeared! I should have learned long ago to copy text before I click upload as when it goes wrong it drives me nuts. My heart is never in trying to re-create what I have typed. Think yourselves lucky as it was a load of tosh!

I will end with one thing though....my Jannie is on nights again tonight...she works far to hard and is my world. When she isn't in the same building as me I do begin to panic...that's good right? Anyway, the previous post went on a bit more than that so thank your lucky stars for the crash. But hey guys, tell someone special that you love them.....it will make both of your days.

Listening to: "Blood" (The Week Never Starts Round Here) - Arab Strap

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