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Fishy Secrets- Irakleio (Ιράκλειο, Κρήτη) Crete
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Fishy Secrets- Irakleio (Ιράκλειο, Κρήτη) Crete

20-06-2006 · Comments (10)
Categories: Crete  Ilford XP2  Nikon F5  

At last I am getting to grips with the images from Easter that need dealing with, god I spend so much time avoiding what needs doing it would be so much easier to get on with it! I know I'm lazy, I seem to have turned it into an art form.

Have had a real lazy evening...Jannie at work bless her heart so I thought I would watch this first on the TV and then a bit of that. Fell asleep and caught a little bit of this and not very much of that. Still I get the feeling that missing these things won't impact upon my life too much, so please no questions on the second half of the Spain match or the first half of the Big Brother omnibus thingie OK?

Listening to: "Dressed Up Like Nebraska" (Dressed Up Like Nebraska) - Josh Rouse

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