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In Need Of Pruning! - Kato Horio (Κάτω Χωριό) Crete
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In Need Of Pruning! - Kato Horio (Κάτω Χωριό) Crete

07-06-2006 · Comments (11)
Categories: Crete  Ilford XP2  Nikon F5  

I guess if there was one thing that I love about taking photographs in Crete is the harshness of the light and the amazing shadows you get as a result. If it's colour they pop which I love also.....lots of contrast. I am there out of season when the sun isn't shining and although beautiful I don't find it as inspiring. I've probably over simplified how I feel but hey! Of course the lightness of the building also helps that contrast.

Hayfever kicked in big time today! Not a time that you want to be seen by a stranger...especially when I am at home. It's not a pretty sight.....nostrils plugged with tissue in an attempt to stem the flow of fluids and eyes looking like I have just been beaten up, ah the joys of June. The combination of alcohol and antihistamines also means that I talk little sense after 8pm if indeed I am still awake.

Having re-read this I now realise I am becoming one of the 'Grumpy Old Men'. To hot, to wet, to dry, hay fever, the snails, the slugs! It must be my age.

Listening to: "Ella" (End Of Amnesia) - M Ward

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