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Blue in Ano Viannos (Άνω Βιάννος) Crete
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Blue in Ano Viannos (Άνω Βιάννος) Crete

18-05-2006 · Comments (19)
Categories: Crete  Nikon F4  Provia 100  

Hey I'm a bit late posting tonight for very shallow reasons. I apologise to all those outside of Europe because this may mean nothing....believe me you are in a better place! OK the night started watching the semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest....not content with the potential of one and a half hours of Europes best...I switched over half way through to watch the first night of Big Brother 6...please don't judge me, I feel like an alcoholic coming out! Believe me when I say I am on the cusp of normal but once a year I am over come by the devil and 13 weeks of god knows what. I make no more excuses, there is the potential for it interupting my posts but I will try so hard to prevent it!

Listening to: "Riverside" (Signal Hill) - Dakota Suite

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