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Kato Horio (Κάτω ΧωριόŒ) Crete
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Kato Horio (Κάτω ΧωριόŒ) Crete

18-05-2006 · Comments (13)
Categories: Crete  Ilford XP2  Nikon F5  

Ok I'm gutted, I'm not really a football supporter and have never really followed a team but Richie supports Arsenal so I have adopted them by default really...but I kind of enjoy the ritual of having a team to follow.....and a team that do have some success, but not tonight. Those of you who care will know that they were beaten in the final of the champions league by Barcelona...sniff.

I do follow less successful teams for no good reason, Yeovil Town because Jan works in the town and apparently Cheltenham Town bcause Timmy our cat follows them....don't even ask! Anyway it's the end of the season, we have the world cup to look forward to and Richie is out there pissed somewhere drowning his sorrows as only a 25 year can.....me I thought I would be sensible and go to bed...someone shoot me!

Listening to: "Drunkards Prayer" (Everything's Fine) - Willard Grant Conspiracy

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