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Old Severn Bridge From Aust
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Old Severn Bridge From Aust

17-05-2006 · Comments (16)
Categories: Ilford XP2  Nikon F5  

Ok, this is kind of a sister photo to the post of 2 days ago.....that was the new Severn Bridge as photographed from Severn Beach. This is the old Severn Bridge which was opened in the late 60's as photographed from Aust, very close to the site of the original ferry. Both bridges are now in operation although this one is far more prone to wind problems. I was a police officer on the motorway for many years....a dark period of my life....but anything stronger than a light breeze and they would place lane restrictions on the bridge for fear of high sided vehicles blowing over.

I must dig out some photos I took on an Olympus Pen...half frame camera. Some cool photos of vehicles on two wheels and others on their sides due to the wind.....OK drifting off there! Needless to say...the wind blows down there! It is a very cool place by the river...kind of neglected, also a lot of interesting industrial sites further down the coast..very nice.

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