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Green slime in Limnes (Λίμνες) Crete
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Green slime in Limnes (Λίμνες) Crete

16-05-2006 · Comments (19)
Categories: Crete  Nikon F4  Provia 100  

I was on the verge of posting another shot similar to yesterday's....well not the same bridge...the other Severn Bridge. I thought that they would make a nice pair but then had second thoughts...two black and white photos of bridges...perhaps tomorrow, anyway more than one day away from Crete and I get the twitches. Here's a little bright green to brighten up your spring day.

Everything is so alive at the moment, I hope that you are absorbing every last drop of it.

Listening to: "Learning To Prove" (One Hundred Waves) - Horse Stories

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